May 17, 2017     SAS HOSPITALITY ADMIN  

Coming Soon in Bandung

Coming Soon - Hotel Style in Bandung

Hotel Style named "Kollektiv" will open soon in Bandung. This hotel offers comfortable accommodation, modern style, but still carrying the local culture and ambience of Bandung hospitality. Located in Jl. Sutami, Bandung, this modern hotel is ready to welcome guests with the real atmosphere of Bandung. With the concept of open space design, guests will be pampered with birds chirp and the cool air of Bandung.

In terms of room layout, Hotel Kollektiv using a container that gives the impression for guests who stay. There will be 3 types of rooms that can be selected with unique names. Not just a stay for a holiday, Hotel Kollektiv also has a restaurant, lounge, meeting room, and outdoor coffeshop that can be used for various events.

Can you imagine staying at Hotel Kollektiv? Look forward to its presence in mid-2017!